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Client Spotlight: Ripley Green Offers Carefully Curated Hemp Products

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

In this Client Spotlight, we're featuring Ripley Green, an apothecary located in Cambridge, Wisconsin that carries carefully curated, local, organic hemp products. Perodigm's relationship with Ripley Green started in 2020 with the team working to create brand standards, a logo, a website, and grand opening promotion. The result of this collaborative process was a fresh, clean, appealing design with an inviting quality.

Lindsay, the Store Manager at Ripley Green, is committed to advocacy and education about hemp and CBD products and their benefits for both humans and pets. As a CBD user herself, she has personal experience with cannabis-derived goods and has seen the effects they have on anxiety, pain, sleep, and stress management.

"I want people to know we're educated, legitimate, and qualified. Most of all, we're servants at heart and looking to help people. Ripley Green is an approachable, safe place where people can ask questions with no pressure."

Lindsay and her team pride themselves on only offering a collection of quality, organic, reputable items that have a certificate of analysis. (Certificates of Analysis, COAs, are third party tests that reveal both the concentrations and variants of cannabinoids in a given product.)

Lindsay is excited about the future of hemp products because of all the important research happening and wants to be a part of a good thing. She described the uptick in CBD popularity as a "health revolution that offers wellness to people who are suffering." Ripley Green's clientele consists of chemo patients, seniors, people with chronic pain, and most of all, people suffering from anxiety.

"It's not going to cure you, but it will give you the ability to create space for healing."

With the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are understandably struggling to cope with feelings of anxiety and depression. Lindsay suggested this is the perfect opportunity for people to try CBD as a therapeutic tool to help navigate through this difficult time.

Currently, popular hemp products include oils, edibles, and CBD skincare. Those (18+) interested in exploring natural treatment options at Ripley Green are welcome to come into the store, pick up curbside, or order online.

"CBD is for everyone."

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