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Perodigm is an Indigenous led, award winning, independent media agency offering integrated marketing solutions, public relations, and Native business development solutions.

In today’s new and emerging professional landscape, we fully recognize the complex nature of diversity, inclusion, social equity, and cultural sensitivity and awareness training. Our work brings awareness, promotes acceptance, and values diverse work cultures.

• Diversity and Inclusion Training
• Native Economic Development
• Advocacy
• Cultural Sensitivity Training
• Human Trafficking Awareness and
• Public Relations / Awareness
• Community Outreach
• Target Audience / Buyer   Persona 
• Marketing
• Cultural Consulting
• Conflict Resolution
• Relationship Building

Our difference is in our capacity to deliver strategic brands to the market while building the supporting culture and internal capabilities to meet the brand promise and business objectives. As brand specialists and marketing consultants, we work with our clients to ensure the delivery of the business objectives through commercially focused marketing

and communications strategies. Backed by a full service traditional and digital agency, Perodigm offers integrated services to deliver on the strategies required for our clients. The perfect match of bravado and unconventional thinking combined with a long, successful track record. The outcome is innovative deliverables with quantifiable results.


Rob Pero, founder, CEO, and creative director of media group Perodigm, is a member of the Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians and is committed to honoring his Indigenous heritage and Ojibwe roots. Rob values family, support for community, respect for the natural world, and a commitment to doing everything, as the Ojibwe say, “in a good way”. He is a founder of the Indigenous Business Group, a nonprofit supporting Indigenous-led businesses and economic development in Indian country.
Rob Pero is an inspiring leader, visionary creative director, and advocate dedicated to creating economic opportunities in the hemp and cannabis industries for Indigenous communities. With an innovative entrepreneurial spirit, Rob is the founder of Canndigenous, the first independent Indigenous-owned hemp company in Wisconsin, and Ripley Green apothecary, as well as the founder of a leading national cannabis advocacy organization, the Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association.


  • American Indian Chamber of Commerce WI (Consulting, Web Development, Social, Training, Membership Engagement)
  • First American Capital Corporation (Consulting, Web Development, Economic Development)
  • Native Business Development Center (E-Learning Development, Video Production)
  • Department of Justice - Office of Victims of Crime (Video Production)
  • Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault (Video Production)
  • Menominee Tribal Enterprises (Consulting, Video Production)
  • Native American Tourism of Wisconsin (Consulting, Web Development)
  • WI Indian Business Alliance (Web Development, Branding)
  • Your Call MN (Award-winning statewide human trafficking and public awareness campaign)
  • Enbridge (Video Production, Cultural Awareness Training, Consulting, Inclusion/Anti-discrimination Training)
  • Breaking Free (Video Production)
  • American Indian Community Housing Organization (Video Production)
  • MN Tribal Contractors Council (Native Advocacy, Economic Development, Nonprofit Strategy, Consulting)
  • Aambé (Web Development)
  • Menominee Tribal Enterprises (Consulting, Video Production)
  • The Link (Video Production)
  • Migiziwaadiswan Cultural Learning Center (Consulting, Brand Development, Nonprofit Strategy, Consulting)
  • Minority Business Enterprise – Native-owned
  • American Indian Chamber of Commerce WI - VP on Board of Directors
  • 2019 WI Economic Development Corporation “Outstanding Growth” Governor’s Award
  • Bad Indian (Executive Producer)
  • Our State. Their Lives. Your Call. (Producer, Co-director)
  • MN Statewide Human Trafficking Video Production Film Award Nomination - Your Call MN
  • Finalist in Dubai Independent Film Festival (Best Short Documentary)
  • Selected in Catalina Film Festival among many others
  • Nominated/Awarded 9 honors including 2022 American Advertising Awards
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