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Client Spotlight: Elite Cognition Makes Mental Health Accessible

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

In this Client Spotlight, we're featuring Elite Cognition LLC, an agency in Monona, WI specializing in mental health, therapy, and counseling services for individuals and families. The agency proudly operates under the philosophy that mental health support should be accessible for all and treated with the same care and urgency as physical wellbeing is.

In order to offer a better website for their current and potential clients to use, Elite Cognition sought out a marketing agency to create something that fit their needs. This was especially important because of the nature of their industry, which requires certain parameters like confidentiality and privacy. After interviewing several possible businesses, they decided to partner with Perodigm.

"Perodigm understands both our local community and the world of the internet, which is mostly foreign to us. They wanted to 'know' us better to tailor the site. Brent did an amazing job of answering our many questions."

Through the website building process, Elite Cognition learned that development and design are the main building blocks, but SEO and other features are needed in order to ensure the site is found on the internet. Perodigm was able to handle alt tags, keywords, and metadata so Elite Cognition could continue to focus on their work and servicing clients. This partnership made it possible for more clients to seek out mental health wellness and recovery.

"Things like making sure images and language are optimized for web performance and SEO sounded like the teacher in Charlie Brown to us. We love that this is their area of expertise and can trust them to do this for us."

Bryenne, the Chief Operating Officer and a Mental Health Provider at Elite Cognition, explained that the clinicians at the agency truly love what they do and are encouraged to follow their passions, resulting in enthusiastic employees well-equipped to bring healing to the community. Clients only need a desire to do the work to improve and the clinicians are there to support them to live their best life possible.

Because Elite Cognition was founded by a black woman and co-owned by two women, they wanted to take an alternative, forward-thinking approach to mental health care by offering a melding of strategies and client-driven processes. To best serve the community, the agency puts in serious efforts to break down stigmas and connect with marginalized people.

Something that sets Elite Cognition apart from other area agencies is that all staff members work as providers and everyone is well-versed in conducting diagnostic evaluations. Other services offered include psychotherapy, psychoeducation, skill development and enhancement, group therapy, and professional development.

Those interested in services or training from the Elite Cognition team are encouraged to check out the services page on their website.

"We welcome all people. Our clinicians are LGBTQIA+ friendly and culturally competent. We personalize treatment to each individual honoring and respecting their identity and story. We love working with clients to find their confidence, build a positive self-image, strengthen their identity."
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