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Elevating the Voices Behind The Link

Here at Perodigm, we admire people who dedicate their lives to helping others. We enjoy getting the opportunity to work with a lot of great organizations that advocate for really important causes, so we do our part by helping build awareness, raise funds, and grow.

The Link, was established as a nonjudgement zone with the commitment to advocating for Minnesota youth to pave the way to a better life. In 1991, two former Minnesota Vikings players, Jim Marshall and Oscar Reed, teamed up when they found a great need for services and support for youth in the Twin Cities. At-risk youth were getting caught up in crime, being sexually exploited, unable to find consistent housing, and struggling with poverty.

Not only was Jim and Oscar's vision designed to help youth in need, but the organization also established a commitment to making an impact through comprehensive community programming with focuses on social justice. (Housing & Supportive Services Division, Juvenile Justice Division, Safe Harbor Division.)

“The Link’s work in Minnesota is important and should be celebrated by everyone in the community.” - Rob Pero, CEO and Creative Director of Perodigm

Since its origination, The Link has grown into a resource for over 2,000 youth and young families. While the leadership consists of a Board of Directors and a Community Advisory Board, the Youth Leadership Committee is the foundation, as it's made up of youth that have experienced homelessness, sex trafficking, and/or involvement in the juvenile justice system. By having this committee, it ensures that programs are designed, implemented, and overseen by youth.

Perodigm connected with The Link through Your Call MN's human trafficking campaign with the objective to elevate the voices of the youth and highlight great programming. By collaborating with an advisory group and other partners, Perodigm provided the support to create valuable assets. These assets have been and will be used to generate funding, raising awareness, and highlight success stories.

The most recent collaboration project was The Link's 30th Anniversary Celebration (supported by Your Call MN), which was in the format of a virtual gala. Perodigm helped promote and share content, shoot video, and handled public relations. The outcome was an attendance of over 500 people and a total of $222,000 raised to support the critical needs of youth Twin Cities communities.

While Perodigm's CEO, Rob, is grateful to be a part of the project and likes being able to support what they're doing, he knows there is a lot of work left to do.

“We’re honored to support their 30-year anniversary celebration and their work helping underserved youth, including those who have experienced sex trafficking.” - Rob Pero


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