the Noise.

Busting down doors between sales, design, and marketing, Perodigm hits home for non-profits and businesses taking your brand from imitation to influential in an increasingly noisy world wide web.


Head in the clouds and feet in the dirt. We'll help you dream it up and double down with the muscle to back it.


We'll build from scratch or shine up what you've already got.  The goal is to stand out and we'll put you front row.


We like to draw, doodle, illustrate and almost always color inside the lines.  Let us paint your brand face.


Everyone loves a good story.  Is your's worth hearing?  Let us help spin a narrative that keeps them wanting more.


Our Tribe

Marie Brown

The Unicorn.

Marie is a combination of social media marketing maven and design nerd. Her passion is translating big ideas into visual digital experiences people love and care about.


The Chameleon.

Rob is a marketing mix master of design, directing, and development. 

He's an unconventional thinker who actively listens, mitigates noise, and directs solutions that bolster a clear and powerful digital presence.

Brent Hoffmann

The Beast.

The muscle behind the madness.  Brent has been crafting brand narratives and shouting online since dial up.



The Zoomer.

Ashlyn is currently attending the UW-Madison studying Sales, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. Her Gen-Z perspective adds a twist of modernism to this new age of digital marketing and e-commerce.



The Acrobat.

With a background in film and video, Amanda is a visual storyteller with a penchant for seeing things from an uncommon angle.  From straightforward to off-the-wall, developing creative approaches are no obstacle.


ala carte

Just looking for help in one area?  We can fill the gaps in your digital marketing with a website, video, logo, or pretty much any tool to get more people looking your way.


all inclusive

Supercharge your marketing efforts by adding an external marketing team.  We are relationship-based, results-driven marketers ready to get you and your organization to the next level.



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