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American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin and First American Capital Corporation share a partnership with the goal of Native American economic development.  Needing a full range of social engagement, web presence, targeted outreach, and video production services, Perodigm was a natural fit to help them make the community connections needed to reach that goal.

Web Development

The AICCW-FACC needed a website that was informative, interactive, and accessible.  It needed to be a one stop resource for financial education, training, and networking for its members, as well as capable of logistical backend functions for the staff and Board.  Perodigm created and maintains a site well suited for the business of businesses.


Social Engagement

AICCW and FACC have many goals for their social media, including providing information on financial resources, business training, job postings, fundraisers and more.  They also like to drive incentive for membership with spotlights and features promoting the diverse business make up of the chamber.  Perodigm curates a feed to keep its members up to date and engaged.  

Media Production

The AICCW-FACC periodically hosts seminars and workshops on a wide variety of business topics.  Perodigm brings those seminars to a digital platform though online streaming and video libraries.  We also produced an e-learning series for The Native Business Development Center, which walks members through the steps of starting, growing, and sustaining a successful minority owned business.


"Perodigm does great work...I can't recommend them highly enough.  I hope you give them a chance to do business with you, you'll like 'em." - Craig Anderson, AICCW President

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