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This campaign needed The Works.  In 2019 the State of Minnesota began a massive undertaking: a state-wide awareness campaign to combat human trafficking.  Recognizing the disproportionate damage done to women and children from indigenous communities, the decision makers behind this campaign sought out an agency with a Native voice and perspective, and thus their partnership with Perodigm began.

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Video Production

As part of Your Call MN, Perodigm has produced and directed video materials documenting the variety of experiences of those involved in human trafficking.  Voices of survivors and those directly involved in anti-trafficking agencies are given a platform in the short film Our State. Their Lives. Your Call

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Event Streaming

Perodigm has provided web and social media services vital to the campaign launch, and coordinated a livestream event of the film's digital premier.  We also provide the online support facilitating virtual community discussions that connect the people of Minnesota with the task forces of their community.

Print & Collateral

We designed print collateral and distributed branded tool kits for organizations getting involved in outreach, and we continue to offer out PR services to the ongoing navigation of this campaign as it continues to roll out to the public.




Web Development and Management

Video Production


Social Content Design and Management

Public Relations

Brand Development

SEO Strategy and Management

Online Targeted Outreach

Print Colateral

Educational Based Content

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