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Client Spotlight: Integrity Audit & Tax Aims to go Beyond Tax Preparation

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

In this client spotlight, we're featuring Integrity Audit & Tax, a Native-owned full-service accounting firm in Black River Falls, WI that provides payroll, tax, audit, and bookkeeping services for individuals and businesses.

Perodigm's relationship with Integrity started in 2020 with the team working to design their eye-catching logo and put together a user-friendly website. Integrity's Owner and Tax Preparer, Becky, had worked with Perodigm in a previous position and loved the outcome of the projects so much, she knew exactly who to go to when starting her own business. She especially liked working with Brent, Perodigm's Director of Marketing.

"Marketing is certainly not something I like to do, especially when I have other aspects of my business to pay attention to. But, Brent makes it easy and delightful."

Becky is proud to own and work at a business with a philosophy to invest in clients' financial wellness and to educate how taxation and accounting affect them. Integrity wants to take a well-rounded approach to the client experience by going above and beyond what the normal industry provides; they don't want to just process taxes, they want to help people.

Some people that went to Integrity for tax services had previously gone to places that didn't help them understand their tax questions. But with the expert knowledge from Becky and Integrity's expert accountant, Erin, clients get the opportunity to learn. Together, Becky and Erin have decades of experience with taxation, investments, accounting, budgeting, and more, so they're eager to provide trustworthy advice and financial education.

"We're unique because we help clients truly understand their financial situations, we want to build long-term relationships."

Integrity places a special focus on small businesses and members of Native communities. As a Ho-Chunk Nation member, Becky finds it rewarding to empower people in the community and help them overcome struggles in the financial arena, especially because some systems, policies, and laws are so complicated. In the past, she has done a lot of volunteer work but found it more impactful to focus on services for elders and members.

This is Integrity's first tax season intentionally. They wanted to open for business after the economic impact of the pandemic to help people navigate through the difficult period and rebuild their lives and finances. After a tough year, it was the perfect time to get up and running.

If you're interested in tax preparation, internal auditing, or bookkeeping services from Integrity, contact them at 715-670-3066 or

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