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Client Spotlight: CPS Pioneers Groundbreaking Science

In this Client Spotlight, we're featuring Complete Phytochemical Solutions (CPS), a third-party analytic testing service in Cambridge, Wisconsin. CPS's testing, research, and consulting services enable their clients to develop, manufacture, and market authentic botanical products.

Perodigm's relationship with CPS started in 2020 with the team collaborating to create a new website, plan social media content, and refresh their logo. As far as their website was concerned, CPS was looking for their updated version to be modern, well-curated, and educational to appeal to future clientele.

The science of botanical testing can be rather convoluted, so it was a goal for the Perodigm team to break down and organize information in a way where visitors could understand previously dense content with ease. The final product of the logo refresh and website creation was a cohesive, simplified look with a fresh color palette. CPS can now bring their recognizable brand and intellectual expertise to the natural product supply chain management industry with confidence.

There are several phases in the supply chain where testing should occur to follow good manufacturing practices - farming, processing, formulation, and retail. (Third-party labs provide a neutral, unbiased source of information to ultimately support label claims for consumer products.) Growers, processors, formulators, and retailers all have a stake in the process.

Consulting and testing services like CPS's are important to botanical supply chains, especially cranberry, elderberry, and hemp, due to a risk of adulteration and quality issues. There is a problem with unscrupulous manufacturers producing products with cheap, low-quality products, so the solution is to work with industry organizations (like the United States Pharmacopeia and the American Botanical Council) to standardize analytic methods.

Plant chemistry comes into play with Polyphenol Fingerprinting, a technique that identifies compound levels, which shows the health content and unique profiles of cranberries and elderberries. CPS prides itself on developing and validating new analytic methods to meet the ever-changing and growing natural products market, leveraging niche scientific practices and knowledge.

"Complete Phytochemical Solutions, LLC just celebrated its 10th year of operations in Cambridge, WI. Faced with challenges of the 2020 pandemic, we knew it was more important than ever to improve our marketing presence. We were seeking a marketing firm that aligned with our company's core values and were genuinely curious to learn about all aspects of our business operations. Perodigm was the right partner! They assisted us with a redesign of our logo, website, and social media marketing. These improvements immediately enabled us to better serve our clients in the food/beverage, dietary supplement, and natural products market space. It has been a pleasure getting to know the Perodigm team. We look forward to growing our relationship over the years." - Christian Krueger, CPS CEO
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