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Perodigm Sponsors Jacob Nottestad Racing

Perodigm is honored to support Jacob Nottestad Racing, the promising up-and-coming driver of #97 from Utica, WI.

When Jacob was very young, he found himself interested in racing because he was surrounded by family who loved and competed in the sport. His dad, Scott, was brought up around racing culture with his uncle Randy and two younger brothers. Jacob is also following in the footsteps of NASCAR standout and Cambridge native, Matt Kenseth.

From starting out racing go-karts at age ten to racing in the Limited Late Model series now, Jacob has grown into a force to be reckoned with. Eventually, his team hopes to move on to a full Super Late Model schedule, a step up from his current series.

Look for Jacob and his team at upcoming races at Rockford Speedway, Slinger Super Speedway, Madison International Speedway, and Jefferson Speedway.

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